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Efficio Team

Sherese Duncan, CEO & President

Sherese Duncan’s journey as CEO of Effició, Inc. is a testament to her innate ability to advise, analyze, and solve problems with exceptional clarity and effectiveness. Hailing from the “show me state” of Missouri, Sherese has always defied the odds, elevating platforms, and paving unexpected paths. Armed with a natural inclination for logical decision-making, Sherese embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2001 after earning her MBA degree, founding Effició with a vision to empower entrepreneurs and position them for self-actualization.

For over two decades, Sherese has championed entrepreneurship, providing invaluable education and training to entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, and organizations worldwide. As she pursues her Ph.D. at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden, Sherese is extending Effició’s intellectual capital to pioneering research in entrepreneurship, marketing, economic intelligence, and power relationships.

At the forefront of Effició, Sherese embodies a visionary leadership style focused on execution and tangible results. Her business approach, rooted in practicality and efficacy, has consistently delivered success. Sherese Duncan exceeds her definition of success by being a catalyst for entrepreneurial excellence, guiding individuals and organizations toward deep, CORE, rooted achievement.

Duncan isn’t just a powerhouse in the boardroom; she’s an adventurer at heart. You’ll often find her on the tennis court, scaling rock walls, or trekking through nature’s wonders on a hiking expedition. When she’s not conquering athletic challenges, she’s exploring the vibrant culinary scene in Charlotte, savoring the latest culinary creations at new restaurants, or simply unwinding with her husband on one of the many beautiful beaches along the North Carolina coast.

But Sherese’s interests extend far beyond athletics and cuisine. An avid advocate for the arts, she dedicates her leisure hours to nurturing young minds through organizations focused on promoting fine arts, musical education, literacy, and expanding access to enriching experiences. When she’s not engrossed in business matters, Sherese’s passion for exploration takes her to distant corners of the globe, where she immerses herself in learning, embracing new cultures, and, of course, sampling local cuisine. With a zest for life that transcends the boardroom, Sherese Duncan embodies the perfect blend of adventure, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

You can read Duncan’s full bio here.

Dr. Christine Pitt, Effició Instructor, Trainer, Instructional Coordinator

Dr. Christine Pitt brings her expertise in Industrial Marketing to life with a dynamic blend of research and teaching. With a Ph.D. from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden, her work has graced the pages of prestigious journals like Industrial Marketing Management and Business Horizons. But Dr. Pitt isn’t just about academic accolades; she’s passionate about exploring the dynamics of online word-of-mouth and automated text analysis, particularly in the realm of marketing.

Her journey isn’t confined to the ivory tower—she’s brought her knowledge to life in classrooms across institutions like the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University and Vancouver Community College. Whether she is digging into the complexities of Business Sustainability and Ethics or examining Entrepreneurship, Dr. Pitt’s student-first approach ensures everyone feels engaged and empowered.

Beyond academia, you’ll likely find Dr. Pitt soaking up the vibrant culture of Vancouver with her fiancé and beloved dog, or indulging in the city’s renowned sushi scene. Dr. Pitt isn’t just shaping minds; she’s living life to the fullest, one research paper and sushi roll at a time.

Dr. Christine Pitt’s depth of knowledge and passion for teaching make her an indispensable part of our team. We are honored to have Dr. Pitt as an Effició Instructor and Trainer. She supports our executive students with courses, training, and credential management, in addition to getting them beyond the explosions and wrong turns as they excavate their Red Diamond Business.

Dr. Dezette C. Johnson, Effició Advisor and Advocate

Dr. Dezette C. Johnson, Ph.D., is an accomplished academic and social work professional dedicated to advancing the field through research, education, and advocacy. As an Associate Professor in higher education, Dr. Johnson has been instrumental in shaping the next generation of business professionals. She holds an undergraduate degree in business administration from East Carolina University, a Master of Business Administration from Norfolk State University, and a doctorate in Business Administration from the same institution.

Beyond academia, Dr. Johnson is a highly sought-after professional speaker, trainer, and consultant. She offers her expertise to various groups, organizations, and corporations, covering topics such as conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, strategic planning, and performance management.

Dr. Johnson’s professional journey includes serving as a program evaluator for several business agencies, where she leveraged her skills to enhance service delivery and outcomes. Her previous roles underscore her dedication to supporting individuals and businesses alike. Throughout her career, she has developed and implemented interventions to address a wide range of business challenges, ranging from operational inefficiencies to strategic planning and growth initiatives.

Driven by a passion for social justice and equity, Dr. Johnson is committed to empowering businesses and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. Her research, teaching, and community engagement efforts reflect her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the business world.

Dr. Johnson’s expertise and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to our team. Dr. Johnson is an Effició Advisor supporting our executive students in navigating program requirements, supporting sustainable action planning, and serving as a central resource for progression and completion.

Lenore Vassil, Effició Executive Consultant

Lenore Vassil is a technology transformation executive and a seasoned navigator of change in the dynamic landscape of global business. With a career spanning from corporate giants to nimble startups, Lenore has honed her craft in times of both rapid growth and economic turbulence. Her expertise lies in orchestrating the expansion of people, processes, and technology to meet the ever-shifting demands of global markets, customers, and competitors. From Fortune 100 juggernauts to the agile landscapes of startups, Lenore has led teams through the intricate dance of scaling in response to diverse challenges.

Starting her journey as a technology consultant at Accenture, Lenore’s path wound through Verizon, MTV Networks, Bank of America, and WeWork, where she spearheaded technological and operational transformations with finesse. Her repertoire includes mastering lead-to-cash platforms, ensuring Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, optimizing business systems, and fortifying information security.

Hailing from Washington’s Crossing, New Jersey, and a proud alumna of the University of Richmond, Lenore calls New York City home. When she’s not charting the course of technological evolution, you’ll find her kayaking on the Hudson or championing clean water initiatives and the preservation of the Hudson River Park. Lenore Vassil: a trailblazer in technology, a steward of innovation, and a force for positive change on and off the clock.

Lenore Vassil’s wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to excellence position her as a cornerstone of our team. We are honored to have Lenore as an Effició Consultant supporting our executive students in keeping their businesses financially healthy and navigating the pre-credential valuation process.

Winston Kelly, Effició Strategist and Executive Consultant

Winston Kelly is a seasoned professional driven by strong values and a commitment to service excellence. With a brand statement centered on embracing change and fostering collaboration to overcome business challenges, Winston brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

Rooted in his values of family, integrity, and helping others, Winston prioritizes creating meaningful moments and upholding strong moral and ethical principles. With a background in Business Administration from Fontbonne University and a Leadership Graduate degree from Capella University, Winston’s academic foundation is further bolstered by a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from Steven’s Institute of Technology.

Having recently relocated to Florida with his wife, Winston brings with him 31 years of Telecom Experience, marked by significant accomplishments such as spearheading the operational model for a 24/7 customer coverage system. His extensive public sector experience, coupled with expertise in information technology, project management, and data analysis, positions him as a valuable asset in managing large-scale projects and driving organizational transformation.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Winston finds joy in household projects, photography, and automotive pursuits. He’s also a passionate sports fan, with a particular love for track and field and basketball, both as a spectator and coach. With his wealth of experience and unwavering dedication, Winston Kelly is an integral part of our team, dedicated to delivering exceptional results and fostering positive change.

We are honored to have Winston as an Effició Strategist and Consultant, working with our executive students directly, providing training, consulting, and credential acquisition support.

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