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Elevating Existing Businesses: Embracing Persistent Learning and Progress

Our curriculum takes challenging topics and makes them simple to understand and apply. We also ensure our curriculum takes into account the adjustments needed as the market changes. We develop our curriculum based on the skills needed for leaders of small firms to allow room for expansion and upgrades.

Through Efficio’s programs, executives of small firms who value confidentiality, integrity, and openness, will gain knowledge, understanding, and intelligence as they develop essential skills. This content is part of the “Essence of Effició” series. In this series, we feature a part of Effició that you may not know about. Today, we’re featuring a portion of our education programming.

Acquiring information is not going to help you if you do not know how to turn that information into a workable infrastructure. You must move beyond collecting information and on to executing!

Effició’s business and entrepreneurship curriculum is organized into:

  1. Intelligence Sessions: Your focus has to be action! Planning is great; without action it is useless. We not only provide step-by-step content but also detailed implementation and execution support through intelligence sessions so you can focus, fully engage, and finish!
  2. Strategic Training:  You’ll train with your strategist on each module to ensure you’re learning and implementing your full Business Portfolio step-by-step in addition to full guidance on how to complete your strategic blueprints.
  3. Learning Sessions:  You’ll get access to strategic learning sessions that focus on creating your work management plan and advanced action planning techniques that help you decide who is going to do what and by when and in what order for the organization to reach its strategic goals.
  4. Curriculum and Tutorials:  In addition to the main 450+pg manual, you’ll access a full business library of streaming and downloadable audio and video tutorials on key topics that impact your bottom line to help you sustain and/or increase cash flows throughout your training and beyond.
  5. Critical Success Analysis and Tracking:  You’ll stay accountable with monthly analysis of not only your skills development progress but also your business’ progress.  You’ll receive accountability tools that allow for objective review and feedback.

Plus, CORE24 students access:

  • Business courses in Entrepreneurship, Business, Leadership, and Marketing
  • Ongoing Consulting, Private Mentoring Sessions, and Retreats
  • Getting to the CORE of Business™ Educational Media Programming

Effició’s education team takes great pride in creating exceptional courses and programs that support you in not only acquiring an understanding but also engaging in a strategic learning process that allows you to implement and take action on your ideas right away.

If you would like to explore our programming and recieve our printed 110+ page education handbook, join the next CORE Seminar using the form below:

Our team is ready to connect with you! Call 1-866-934-CORE (2673) ext. 701. If you’re not ready to engage live, subscribe to our monthly insights and reports.

Team Effició

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