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Executive student case studies, tutorials, and courses have moved.

As of June 2024, we completed phase four of ten of our content upgrades. We have moved our executive student content, tutorials, downloads, courses, and programs to our education and learning platform!  

If you’re not a student of business and entrepreneurship with us yet, you can get great content and resources from our news, updates, and newsletter:

1.  You can subscribe to our private list for strategies and updates!  We’ve been publishing content to our blog since 2001; as a subscriber, you will access a peek into how we Think, Learn, Shift, Align, Assess, and Invest.  We have lots to share and plenty to say!  We hope you enjoy our knowledge.

2.  We have a new business community, CORE Network!  Membership is free through 2024, join today to receive our most exclusive content on business strategy, credentialing, and entrepreneurial career development.  Access full intelligence reports, our new ask-and-answered series, exclusive webcasts, and comprehensive resources. This is our new first-level educational content distribution model for our premium resources including access to our new online campus!

3.  Get focused, organized, and aligned the right way!  Our CORE Seminar provides CEOs, Founders, and Owners of small to medium-sized businesses with a bottom-line understanding of how they can transition to new levels of leadership in their entrepreneurial careers and within their organizations to drive better organizational decisions through proper analysis and management.

4. We invite you to place your business on the information superhighway through Effició Media Network. CORE10 and CORE24 students can look forward to experiencing profound results through a thriving global platform and audience.

Whatever your reason for seeking content, resources, and tools, it’s important to pick the right topics that get you closer to your vision.  Choose to take action on everything you read/listen/view within one week; this way you’ll be more selective and your business library will be much more valuable.

We’ll continue to discuss our content distribution model in future updates.  We look forward to continuing to provide strategies that you can implement immediately!

Here’s to “education, knowledge, and instruction!”

Team Effició

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